Hatfield & Hynan Scholarship 

Elevating parent voices. Promoting parent leadership.


NPA champions collaborative relationships between families
and the medical professions who care for them.

The National Perinatal Association believes that family-centered care begins with including families in the creation of the policies, procedures, and practices that affect them. 

NPA's Family Advocacy Network (FAN) brings together family advocates from every area of maternal-infant and family care to share their ideas and cultivate their talents. We looked to parent leaders for their unique experience and expertise as we address the medical, educational, and psychosocial needs of families. 

We include parent leaders in our interdisciplinary workgroups, invite them to present at our annual conference, and support parent participation on NPA's Board of Directors.

However, we recognize that most parents, families, and family advocates do not have the same institutional or organizational funding and support to facilitate their participation in NPA activities that many of our other colleagues do.

So in 2018 the NPA established this scholarship program in order to support and facilitate parent participation. 

It is named in honor of the founding parent members of the Family Advocacy Network (FAN), Becky Hatfield and Mike Hynan. These two parent leaders and advocates exemplify what parent participation can do to revolutionize care.

Please join us as we work together to promote real, measurable, and substantive progress in the implementation of family-centered care. 

We are giving priority to honoring our commitment to our 2020 scholars who were unable to attend because of the pandemic - and the increased obligations and attending stress it created for caregivers.
We will award additional scholarships for 2021 as funds become available. 

Are you interested in sponsoring parent scholars?
Email email Kristy at  Klove@nationalperinatal.org  

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